Sandy Cove Resort Title Card (Episode 1-)

Title Card used for Season One.

Sandy Cove Resort is a light drama series created and written by Lit Forum member, Ben, published on creative writing forum, Lit, and produced by Unbroken Pictures. It is the company's debut project. The first episode was published on 11 June 2018.

The drama follows the staff and guests at the fictional 'Sandy Cove Resort', a holiday resort, located somewhere on the South Coast.

Trailer Edit

Ben announced on 31 May 2018 that the trailer for the show would be released the following day, on the first meteorological day of Summer, and it was - on 1 June 2018. The trailer, which was uploaded to the Unbroken Pictures Youtube channel, can be viewed below.

Sandy Cove Resort - Starts June 11 On Lit Forum

Sandy Cove Resort - Starts June 11 On Lit Forum

Cast & Characters Edit

Main Edit

  • Bradley Walsh as Roger Fielding, Entertainment Manager
  • James Corden as Harry Fielding, Entertainment Team Leader
  • Kimberley Nixon as Erin Dawson, Entertainment Team
  • Luke Pasqualino as Ethan Danesi, Entertainment Team
  • Naomi Bentley as Melody Eagles, Entertainment Team
  • Katherine Langford as Georgia Monore, Theatre Company
  • Ruairi O'Connor as Drew Saunders, Theatre Company
  • Rob James-Collier as Ellis Jacobs, Head Chef at Restaurant
  • Laura Aikman as Saskia Houston, Restaurant Team
  • Fisayo Akinade as Eepho Adeyemi, Restaraut Team
  • Reece Sheersmith as Walter Jones, Restaurant Team
  • Aisling Bea as Stephanie Dolan, Check-In
  • Jake Roche as Olly Jarvis, Check-In
  • David Ajala as Tony Gusau, Singer
  • Karen David as Ruth Gusau, Singer
  • Joe Thomas as Nick Byram, Bartender/Waiter
  • Lucien Laviscount as Nathan Loughran, Bartender/Waiter
  • Lucy Carless as Bea Spark, Bartender/Waitress

Recurring Edit

  • Coming Soon

Guest /Minor Edit

  • Coming Soon


Episodes Edit

1.01 'Hypocondria's The Only Thing You've Got!' | 11 June 2018 | 30 Minutes Edit

The first episode of Season One, entitled "Hypochondria's The Only Thing You've Got!" was published on 11 June 2018. This was the first, and only '30 minute' episode in the series; episodes that followed are '60 minutes' in length, though publication is split into two parts on Lit, with one half of the episode being published initially, and the second half following after.

Main Cast - First Appearances Of: Olly Jarvis (Jake Roche), Stephanie Dolan (Aisling Bea), Ethan Danesi (Luke Pasqualino), Melody Eagles (Naomi Bentley), Ruth Gusau (Karen David), David Gusau (David Ajala), Georgia Monore (Katherine Langford), Drew Saunders (Ruairi O' Connor), Louisa Richmond (Hetti Bywater), Saskia Houston (Laura Aikman), Harry Fielding (James Corden), Lee Simms (Freddie Fox), Roger Fielding (Bradley Walsh) and Erin Dawson (Kimberley Nixon)

Guest Cast - First Appearances of: Melanie Ryder (Leanne Best), Isabella Ryder (Uncredited), Will Brightman (Karl Davies), Jack Ryder (Theo Stevenson), Camilla Atwood (Abigail Cruttenden), Richard Atwood (Angus Deayton), Matilda Atwood (Uncredited), Trevor Stephenson (Jason Done)

Recurring Cast - First Appearances of: Claudia Eagles (Uncredited), Comfort (Jade Anouka), Phoebe (Kae Alexander), Vanessa Clifford (Vicky McClure)

Memorable Quotes

  • "Hypocondria's the only thing you've got!" - Title Quote. Melanie Ryder to her son, Jack.
  • "Just because you're on a diet..." Receptionist Olly Jarvis to colleague Stephanie Dolan after she catches him 'checking out' some guests.
  • "Come on Mr Gangstagroove, you've got shapes to throw!" Entertainment team member Erin Dawson to Entertainment team leader, Harry Fielding.

1.2 'I'm Not The Bad Guy In All This' (Part One) 'TBC' (Part Two) | 22 June 2018 (Part One) 15 August 2018 (Part Two) | 60 Minutes Edit

Following episode one, Ben announced that future episodes would be in a '60 minute' format but so as not to overwhelm readers with lengthy episodes, Unbroken Pictures confirmed that episodes would be split in to two parts - two '30 minute' instalments from this episode onward. Part one of episode two, published on 22 June 2018 was titled 'I'm Not The Bad Guy In All This' while part two, published on 3 August 2018, was titled 'TBC'


The information below refers to Episode two in its entirety, so counts both part one and part two.